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Ionia1890. The initial one hundred members of the music club "Orpheas" decide to expand their activities into Greek culture, with sports activities for boys and adolescents in the general area of Smyrni. As the Greek element is very intense and active in the borders of Asia Minor, the subscriptions of new members were impressive. Thus, PANIONIOS of Smyrni was born, based in the largest port of Smyrni and during the first year numbered more that one thousand members.

This year, have won one and lost one of the new Greek league campaign.


During November 1881, the Stanley Cricket Club of South Byker decided to form an association football club. They won their first match 5-0 against Elswick Leather Works 2nd XI. Just under a year later, in October 1882, they changed their name to East End FC.

Meanwhile, across the city, another cricket club began to take an interest in football and in August 1882, they formed West End FC. West End played their early football on their cricket pitch, but later moved to St. James' Park.

By December 1892, they decided to give the club a new name and a new image. At a public meeting, several new names, including Newcastle Rangers and Newcastle City, were suggested, before all agreed on Newcastle United.


Dinamo was founded in November, 1925. From autumn, 1936 to 1989 they had been starring in Soviet Division I and twice won the championship, 5 times been runners-up, 13 times III prize winners. Additionally, Dinamo participated in the Cup tournament and 6 times appeared in the final.

They are currently 2nd in a 10-team league with 20 points from 9 games. Former toon loon Temuri Ketsbaia once plied his trade here.

FC SOCHAUX ( França )

FC Sochaux-Montbéliard were founded in 1928 but remain a small town club, which has mainly played amateur and lower league football during its 70-year history.

Sochaux are 14th out of 20 teams in France but have beaten Marseille 2-0 on their own ground this season.

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